Top 10 Most Expensive Smartphones in the World 2020

Each day that comes and goes sees a new technology in developing of smartphones because we all require that we as humanity, benefit from the easy life that is easy and fast. Most people think in the past years, technology was as much advanced as what we have today which I agree with because it made rapid success changes that were all necessary if we had to succeed in this modern world. Smartphones have revolutionized the way we do things and that is why they are very important for everybody to own. Now, what divides us as owner is how pricy is your smartphone? Get to read and find out the most unique phones that you need to own.

10.  Vertu Signature

The high price that this item has does not depend on the features in it but because of the type color which has been used to make it. That is why it is amazing on the hand and that is why the rich people cannot ignore having it because it will just be the right one for your ego.

Special features

– It is a device that has been made of platinum and the workers that are involved in assembling it use their hands and not machines.

Something to note

– The company that is responsible in making it only managed to make 200 pieces

9. Princess Plus

Apple phones are known to be with a high price all over the world because of their special features and specification as they use an operating system rather than using the normal android system that most phones use. The name of the item has it all as it is an elegant item to watch and even have.

Something special about the phone

– It is a smartphone that has been made with 180 cut pieces and the 138 cut princes in combination with the diamonds make it a special phone.

8. Black Rhombus VIPN Smartphone

This is a talking machine that has been made by the Famous Company, Sony Ericsson, which is considered the best and stylish company that ever exists. It has been designed with an allotrope at the back and also the buttons that it has are made of diamond, making it a special one. It is a device that has been made by Jaren Goh who is respected for his technology advancement that he has brought to the company

Special features

– It has been made with a polycarbonate mirror, organic LED technology and also a mirror detailing hence nobody is able to challenge the screen of this phone.

7. Vertu Signature Cobra

Price – $310,000

The name of this machine was not given to it by mistake because it clearly resembles the make that it has been given, a design like that of a cobra. The drape slide are made of 409 pieces and the two sections have a design like that of an eye. A special cover is also used to house all this makes and designs.

Special features

– The cover acts a protector of the phones from any eminent damage. If you have the mobile with you, then you have to be prepared to deal with all the attention that will come from the people.

6. Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot

This is the first talking item that is able to reach this price by far, it has the best features of a make that has never been seen anywhere by the company. It has been made with a keyboard but there are no much specifications that make it absolutely expensive. It will make you noticed wherever you will go right away.


– It has been made by many bleach diamonds

– There is also the use of African bleach African wood which is about 200 years old which is costly as either porcelain or diamond.

5. Crypto Smartphone


This is a smartphone that has been made for the rich and high profile people out there who only need a smartphone to get the attention of the people out there. If you need to get your personality in a high profile ego, then it is time that you need to get your money and purchase this phone.

Special features

– It uses a power encryption technology which is used for the purposes of information protection

– It is made of solid platinum and fitted with 18-carat navigation key which has been made of 28 cut diamonds.

– It has also been decorated with 25.5 princess diamonds

4. GoldVish Le Million

Price – $ 1.3 million

The use of the words ‘gold and million’ depict that this is a device that has been made for the rich few. It has been manufactured by a great designer known as Emmanuel Gueit which he later launched in Switzerland.


– It has been made of special white porcelain which is also fresh which has been installed with the VVS1 graded diamond.

Something to note

– Only 100 pieces of the product are made by the company but the rest are made of special request.

3. iPhone 3G King’s Button

This product is one of the best and costly item that you already need to be dreaming of having at your home. The home button that has been designed for the machine has been made of high quality materials which also gives it more beauty than any other.

Special Feature

– It has an elegant make that will always ensure that you get the best possible likes ever.

2.  iPhone 5 Black Corundum

Price – $15.3 Million

Getting black Corundum is one of the rarest things that is out there in the world but we need to go a step further to ensure that you get the best of the phone. It is also made with porcelain, diamonds and other types of high priced stones which are infused together for you to get what you anticipate with the looks of the item.

Something to note

– Black gel is one of the best priced stones that you can come across in the world because getting it is not something that is easy.

1. Falcon SuperNova

– This is the latest product that you can come across in this era of pricy phones. It does not contain many diamonds in it but only has one huge 18 gems which will obviously catch the eyelids of anybody that coms across the phone. It has either of the two colors that are easy to locate, that is either Pinkish or blueish.

Something important to note

– The Lozenge that is used here is mostly said to be of Pinkish color which makes it outstanding to look at.

Having known that, it is your choice now to go and get the device that will make you respected in the society. Don’t mind about the features because that will not make a proof of how much that designed model might be, go on and start off with the makes and materials used to make it, that is what will ensure that there is difference in price.

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