Top 10 Well Paying Jobs in Asia

In Asia, you have better opportunities to get out there and do a job that is well suited for you and get well paid. But don’t ever have that thought that things will be easier moving for you. You must first have dreams by going to the best schools and also to universities that will ensure that your dream is able to become true, or else, it might still remain to be a dream. Those that have risen to these ranks have the best job ever. These are some of the best jobs that you can strive to reach for.

10. Commodities Derivatives Broker

For all those that do not know kind of person this person will be, I will try to break it down so that you are aware what kind of jobs he/she will do. This is a person that will trade a variety of assets that he o when will come across with and that means that having the best skills in the job is something that is vital. Such kind s assets include shares and bonds. Places to work include;

– investment banks

– financial clearing houses

– even international stock exchanges

9. Company Director


Most of the people will get it hard on these job because it is one that wants you to put more sacrifice than any other thing. In most cases, this is a person that can be voted in or even be appointed to ensure that the corporate policy of the company is a well taken care. What is interesting about this people is that they can sit on one or more boards and from each, they can be able to pick a good salary.

8. General Practitioner / Physician

I have to assure you that being a doctor is not as difficult as people may have thought of. It is simple, all you need to do is to ensure that you pass your grade so that you go to medical school. But with this kind of person missing in the line of profession of the doctor, then things might not turn out well enough for you all. This is the person that is always there to welcome you when you have seen the doctor so that he/she gives out some medicine prescriptions for you.

7. Chief Operating Officer

This is a person that is in charge of the day to day operations in an organization. Other the general manager of the job, the person is also responsible for taking care of all the profits and costs of the company. You need to be well experience din business and accounting so that you are able to fit. You need to have three things that you need to have in this kind f job,

– determination

– experience

– gumption

6. University Lecturer

Our dreams in life are never valid until we go through the hands of a doctor. That is why teaching is always regarded as a passion. Lecturers mold the ability that you have into your dream come true reality. For all those that want to have such kind of passion towards helping others in life, then go at it head on and it will also pay you back well.

5. Chief Executive Officer

This kind of person and the managing director are known to almost do the same kind of jobs but when you are a CEO of some sought of company or organization, then you are at a higher hand in ensuring that you get better pay. The responsibilities of a CEO on one hand are defined by the board but you should never miss the following:-

– leadership qualities

– foresight

– an effective communicator

4. Advocate / Solicitor

This is a person that is able to speak on behalf of his or her client when they are in court in in any form of justice where law is always followed. Unlike an advocate, you will realize that a solicitor is trained in all sides of the law. That is why you don’t have to worry if you don’t find lawyers in this profession because if they neither are advocates or solicitors.

3. Specialist Medical Practitioner


Being a general doctor and being a specialist are two things that are totally different. Specialist has some knowledge about one specific area that he or she has taken a lot of time studying and therefore mastered it. That is why you will always have him/her ask for a bigger payment because it is not easy for them to make messes in what they have mastered.

2. Chief information officer

You will have to agree with me that a chief information officer is a person that is always read to provide you and guard information of all the computer systems that are stored. To ensure that he role of a business leader is always full filed by this very person. That is why it is not always a job for the faint hearted. Other roles include:-

– provision of finance

– recruitment of professionals

– development of policy and strategy

1. IT service Manager

You don’t have to worry if you realize that there are people that rarely sleep out there. The answer is just simple, they have a lot to do that you never think of. This is a person that is responsible in ensuring that all the roles that deal with

– designing,

– delivering,

– managing

– Improving information technology in an organization.

A must have thing in this ability is that you need to be computer literate and only that, being guru is going to be an advantage for you. Get out there and get this job.

The above jobs are not only gotten in a silver platter, no way. You need to work and work and in other places toil and moil so that you are that person that rises the ranks to be in such places or seats. But the jobs are there and waiting for you, all you need to do is just sturdy and work hard towards bettering your goals.

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